Invictus Platinum EDP 50ml


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Paco Rabanne Invictus Platinum EDP for Men is a new part of the Invictus for Men fragrance journey. Invictus Platinum for men is an intensely invigorating aromatic and woody version of the fresh and aquatic Invictus EDT.

Paco Rabanne Invictus Platinum EDP is a intensely aromatic and invigorating version of the famous Invictus EDT for men with a key note of Absinthe and Mint that prevails over each stage. Invictus Platinum EDP still retains that very fresh breath of sea air at the start but then combines this with Absinthe and fresh Grapefruit for a powerfully invigorating finish to the top note. Invictus Platinum EDP for men continues this very invigorating but luxurious start with a strong blend Mint and Lavender at the heart. These are emphasised by the deliciously lingering of Absinthe. The base is a more traditional Invictus combination of aromatic Cypress and Patchouli that bring strength and complexity to this Invictus fragrance.

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